Winter Olympics 2009

There are about 6 inches of snow on the ground this week...and that is a welcome change to what we came home to: ice. You could slip and slide all over our yard. Here is a clip of our resident ice skater doing some of his world class tricks. If I were judging this, he would get a 10!


On a more serious note, yesterday was one of the best days of my life. We had an ultrasound (which we were not even expecting) and found out that on June 2nd we are due to have a little baby GIRL! I had been wanting a boy and I was sure that it was one...but when I heard the nurse say that it was a girl I was just so excited, I have barely been able to wipe the smile off of my face. Her name is Evelyn Grey...but we will call her Evie. Here is a picture from Evie's most recent photo shoot. It is her facial profile...we already think she is pretty much the most gorgeous thing in the world.


Alli said...

She certainly IS the most beautiful thing in the world!! I cannot wait to meet Evie!! I love you!!

Liz T.D. said...

Evelyn Grey, I love it!

Kelly said...

Ashley! Congratulations!! What exciting news to be having a girl with such a cool name too. I love how you took something classic and gave it a new mod twist! She is going to be so beautiful with a great unique name to match!

Thanks for the comment on my blog- I did design the whole thing myself! I got bored one day and started making new headers and then when I had two weeks off for Christmas I went wild!! I have made headers for both my sisters' blogs (Mrs. Morgan and About Alex) and the one on Courtney's too that she had before the holidays. It's just a fun hobby in my spare (hahaha) time ;)

Hope you are feeling good and that Bear is excited and ready for his new baby sister!! Sorry this was soooo long! xoxo

Courtney said...

Congratulations, Ashley!! A little girl is so exciting! And I LOVE her name-Evelyn is one of the names on my list too!

Sydney Rae said...

YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for little girls!! Congrats! so exciting! how is pregnant life? hope all is well!!

AGH said...

Doesn't knowing the sex somehow make it feel way more exciting and real? Love the name! And I agree, we should probably start arranging a marriage for she and Grayson haha. Then we can go ahead and get used to someone being good enough for our babes. ;)