So I Married a 5th Grader

Happy MLK Day everyone. As I write this, my husband is shoveling our mailbox out of the snow so that the mailman can make his deliveries tomorrow. Well, I say that. He may be playing, because this is what he was doing 15 minutes ago when I went out there:

He was buried thigh-high in snow exclaiming that we now have enough snow to make tunnels out of….No. Thank. You. Snow is fun to look at but also very cold, and digging through it does not sound the least bit appealing to me, but I sure am glad that our daughter will have someone to play in it with ☺

I am sure all of my readers are getting sick of the snow related posts…but it snows SO much here (I know, I know…we live in Connecticut).

On another note, our precious niece Belle had her first birthday on Thursday (we are kindred spirits, and we share a birthday). The party, however, was yesterday. The pictures are absolutely adorable and the cupcakes looked delicious. I am sure you will be able to find pictures soon on Rachel's blog. Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Belle!!


Nadine said...

I'm glad you married a 5th Grader! They're much, much more fun than the "older" guys!

Have fun and make Graham some hot chocolate!


Kelly said...

I saw the name of your post on my blog and for a second there I thought that the name of a new TV show. I got a little freaked out! Glad I clicked on the link and read!! ;)