Good Things

I am making a preemptive apology here: I do not understand how or why it happens...but it inevitably does. Life gets busy.

Truthfully, we are so thankful for the busyness. It is all related to the amazing things that we both have going on in our lives right now:

1. Our healthy little girl (We had a doctor's appointment today and got our 2nd trimester screening work back...and she is perfect. We already knew this, but breathed a small sigh of relief non-the-less).

2. Graham's new job (Every night we are reminded by the increasingly-depressing 10 o'clock news what a precious gift this job is. Not to mention the fact the he is head over heels in L-O-V-E with it...so that helps. He is in such a freakin' good mood like...all the time now.)

3. Ashley's schoolwork (As if we did not have enough going on already, I took it upon myself to sign onto a big research study on sibling relationships...it is going to be ridiculously time consuming...but so awesome.)

So...all that said...my preemptive apology is that, I AM SORRY, posting will not continue at its' break-neck pace of every 48 hours. I will shoot for a couple of posts a week...


Graham said...

NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!! I love reading your blog. Can't you just farm out your research?

Anonymous said...

UGH! I'm with Graham on this one ... the BLOG is much more important to me than your school work, Ashley! BRING BACK THE BLOG! BRING BACK THE BLOG! Oh, yeah, and send pictures of Evie's cacoon! Love you all!


AGH said...

great things to be happening in your life right now! just try to enjoy it and take it slow, you will have plenty to do once evie is here, i promise :)

Katie Slater Photography said...

You guys are too cute! And Ashley you are so dang funny!!!! Are you sure you don't want to be a comedian? Loved reading this today!