Mental Health Day

I guess yesterday was pretty taxing for me, because it ended with me coming home at 6:30 and Graham hugging me while I cried, sobbing "I do not know why I am crying....I'm sorrryyyyyy." Needless to say, I did not get my nap yesterday...which is never a good thing.

So, today I am taking a mental health day. I slept in until 11:30 (DON'T JUDGE ME), ate a PBJ for lunch while watching people get their bathrooms madeover on television, and now I am hanging out with my puppy listening to country music. He is clearly thrilled about it.I cannot remember the last time I stayed home from school just because I wanted to. It isn't the most responsible thing to do, granted, but don't we all need days like this? If anyone asks I will say I am sick. With Eye-bulge-itis. It is highly contagious.

Now I will leave you with some of the old-school tunes that have me bouncing (oh! so happily) today

What does your perfect mental health day look like?


Josie said...

The opening to this post was truly so sad. Big hug through the computer! I am glad you took a day off. I took too many mental health days during my college career. Probably why I'm not going to grad school.

Allison said...

It is truly amazing what pregnancy does to the body, mind, and spirit...the majority good, but every now and then........Anyway, EVERYONE deserves to take a mental health day! And as far as sleeping until 11:30...well, if I did not have children that view 6:30 a.m. as sleeping "late", I would be right there with ya!! Hugs and kisses to you!!