The Scobey Family had a unique experience today. We, along with a few thousand others, cheered the Lady Huskies on to victory against the Pittsburgh Panthers. Actually, in all likelihood they could have won without our help...the score ended at 95-42. It is true what they say: Connecticut is Husky Country. Being number one (and feeling secure in your March Madness pick) feels pretty good.In other news, my husband is now a baby-holder. At church this morning Caleb, one of our friend's sons, kept making googly-eyes at Graham and reaching towards him. The end result of those googly-eyes was that Caleb got Graham to hold him for most of the service. I just thought I would share because...well...mostly it made me really warm and fuzzy inside.

But not as warm as fuzzy as when later, at Home Depot, Graham says to me: "Can you just have Evie now? I am really excited about having a baby."


He is going to be such an amazing father.


Andrea said...

That is so incredibly sweet... Hope you are well. So excited for you! I love reading your blog, you're so funny... Almost as funny as stealing my microwave freshman year :)


AGH said...

So sweet. Nothing cuter than a dad loving on his baby :)