My Wii Fit Thinks I'm Fat

I know that pregnant women are supposed to gain weight...but someone really should tell my little-white-crap-face of a gaming system that.

Every time it calls me "overweight" or "unbalanced" I want to burst into tears. I plead with it: "I'm six and a half months pregnant!" I say...it does not understand. I don't even think it cares about my feelings at all. It hurts. It hurts almost as much as my husband constantly comparing me to Tina Fey's character on 30 rock. I get it. I like food. OK!

Ashley Scobey = Liz Lemon?



AGH said...

i heard before that the wii fit makes your character fat if it considers you overweight, that's awful haha! or at least awful when you are pregnant -- overweight is the last thing you want to hear! maybe that's what i need to lose the rest of the baby weight, hmmm :)

AGH said...

OH! we got your crazy sweet present for G. they are all too cute! thank you so much!!