An Ode to My Navel

Dear Bellybutton -

Why, hello! I have not seen you so up close since, well, ever.

This sudden and progressive shallowing has me wondering a few things: Will you pop out entirely (like the timer on a thanksgiving turkey)? Also, when and if you do, will you make a noise? If so, please do not pop out during class. This would be terribly distracting to my students.

Now that I am thinking about it, please do not pop out at night, either. It might scare my dog...and I would hate for him to pee on my new body pillow.

Very Sincerely -

The Warm Body You're Attached To


Liz T.D. said...

Your belly is growing so much! You and your yet-to-pop belly button are as cute as they can be! Can't wait to see you guys next.

dbscobey said...

I think you know all the reasons that this entry on your blog makes me a bit squeamish! Baby Evie is really growing! You are going to be a fun Mom! Love you! Ommie ( I think that's what I want to be called; how would you spell that?.... Omy, Ommmie, Ommy????

Stacey Guyse said...

Ok, you are very, very funny. And you are pregnant! Congratulations! That is so exciting! I love reading blogs so I will be looking for baby pictures and new family photos!