My Snow Family

Each time it has snowed this winter we have tried, to no avail, to make snowmen. Apparently there is a very specific consistency that the snow has to be in order to accomplish said task. Who knew. Well, this week brought with it a couple of exceptionally warm and beautiful days (like 47 degrees...what! what!) which melted the snow a little bit and made it perfect weather for the creation of snow people.
We made our whole little snow family...and we probably had way too much fun for two grown people...but oh well. I so totally love living in Connecticut.

On another note...as if I am not preaching to the choir...pregnancy does the STRANGEST things to your body. I am just minding my own business, vacuuming the house today, and I start leaking....from there. I am only 23 weeks. Not. Okay. Thankfully I have good friends to talk me down off ledges sometimes. Like when I get boob juice on my arm. Eeeeewwwwwww!


AGH said...

man, i wish it snowed here. even just a few days a year would be nice. :)

yeaaaa the leakage is not fun. i was repulsed the first time that happened to me. and even more appalled by the leakage that happened when my milk came in after G arrived. i was holding G one night when my sister-in-law was here and my shirt was soaked. at first we thought maybe his diaper had leaked on me but no... I was the one doing the leaking.

josieandgeorge said...

All the snow was so lovely in RI. I wish I had a chance to make snow people. I am sorry I didn't call you, it was a quick trip and there was not room for visiting. HOWEVER, I am already talking to Dad about a springtime or summer trip because it is absolutely beautiful up there. We will congregate! Us and your BABY and your leaky boobs :)

Nadine said...

I LOVE the snow people! Miss you ... send pictures soon (of Evie in your tummy!:)