Etsy Wants All of My Money...

And if I had money to give it, I would do so gladly and without hesitation (that's right, husband-of-mine...WITHOUT HESITATION. What?!?).

My current wants are:

These ADORABLE little baby shoes (you cannot really say that without thinking of the Target Lady from SNL, can you?) from PedroSprout.

Delicate and simple rings from Cherry Creek. Of course the two sets of initials I would choose would be GS and ES...then I would literally have my two greatest loves wrapped around my finger.

My guest bedroom wall is begging me to put this print on it...literally...it is starting to keep me up at night.

I am a mug addict and lately I have been in sort of a bird-phase (it's all because of Evie's nursery). Hence, I am obsessed with this whimsical cup from Catherine Reese.

...a girl can dream.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!! **PINCH**(that was for all you not wearing green...for shame!)


Adrienne said...

Nice work, and I can't tell if Evelyn Grey is what you've determined to name your baby, but I have to say, we LOVE our Evelyn. You can't go wrong! Looks like we're due around the exact same time too!

Liz T.D. said...

I love that mug. I can't wait to etsy shop for Evie!