Home Again, Home Again

Well...we are back in Connecticut. It is completely bittersweet because it is really great to be back home (and I left my house SPOTLESS, which adds to the great by 10) but the beach was amazing and wonderful and warm. I could have spent another week there, easy.

Our next vacation will probably be in a year, when we take little Evie down to the beach over Mama's spring break (I get Spring Breaks...because I am going to be in school for the rest of my life...). I cannot wait to see if she loves the sand and sun as much as her mom, dad, and brother (Bear) do.

Speaking of Evie...our little chuck-roast has a BED now!! While we were in Atlanta last weekend we went by The Baby's Room in Roswell and ordered her crib and chair. I am so excited (relieved) that this is done. Shipping should take 6-10 weeks...and we have 11 1/2 left until she is here...but no worries, it will get done.

All we need now is for the little monkey to keep growing and get here when she is ready.

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