Our Child, the Vegetable

This month little girl Scobey is the size of a squash.

Side note here: when you think of a squash, is this the picture that comes to mind? No! You think of a yellow summer squash, am I right? I do not even think that I have ever encountered a squash such as this one in real life...I don't even know that I believe it is one.

Regardless...Evie is roughly the size of this squash-impostor. More specifically, over the next 3 weeks she will grow from 15.5 inches to 17 inches in length, and from 2.5 pounds to 4 pounds. You grow, girl! (ohmigod I am my mother)


Alli said...

It's so fun to watch & feel them grow in there! Jake & Mal can't wait to meet her!

Nadine/MOM said...

What a compliment to me if YOU are just like your Mother! Bless your heart, child, you are SOOOO FAR SUPERIOR to your Mother!

But, it's nice to know that in the quirkyness of things, we are somewhat alike!!!!

I love you and I get to see you in less than 48 hours .... YEAHHHHHH!!!