Once Upon a Sunday

I (the great Bear Scobey) decided to go on a little adventure today. It was windy and cold...but I am very, very brave.

Along the way I saw many strange and wondrous things. There was a small Gnome sitting beside a lake...but I dared not disturb him...as you all know how irritable small men can be.
Then I had to pass over treacherous waters by way of a small and rickety wooden bridge. It was scary...but I am very, very brave.
Then a marvelous thing happened. While I was making my way through the woods I found a Prince. I thought about taking him home with me, as he would surely not be difficult to housebreak, but I decided it best to let him stay where he was...just in case there were any Dragons that needed to be slain.
After such a long day...filled with so many wonderful adventures...I found myself quite excited and in need of a rest-room. This pile of sticks would just have to do. Afterward I felt much better, and decided to head home to my mommy and daddy (who would no doubt be overjoyed to see me). And They All Lived Happily Ever After.
The End.

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Anonymous said...

Such a fine story of a very brave dog! love you 3! Mom