Nap Time

I have always enjoyed naps (just ask any of my college roommates). Being 7 months pregnant, however, has taken naps from being an enjoyable indulgence to an absolute necessity for my sanity and the health of those around me (read: my husband).

My institution-worthy-crazy-pregnant-lady mood swings only seem to occur when this one condition is met: I am tired. Being expectant-mom-tired is not a normal kind of exhaustion. In fact, this symptom is probably my biggest complaint of pregnancy thus-far (cankles are really edging this one out of first place at the moment, though). It is a bone-achingly, body-ceasing-to-function kind of tired that I cannot really describe. This is why "rest" becomes so important when one is making a baby. So I nap. I nap for humanity, really. I do it so that all of you can have a more peaceful existence (read, again: my husband).

Luckily, I have the most phenomenal and loyal nap buddy. He completely understands the importance of mid-day sleeping.

Also, happy March everyone. I thought that it was getting warmer here...which meant that, surely, Spring was not far away. Nope. We are currently getting pummeled with snow. Today the weatherperson is calling for 4-8 inches, with another 8-12 to fall tomorrow. It is laughable, really. Except I AM NOT LAUGHING. Neither is my nap buddy, because all of his easy-to-pee-on green grass is covered up...again. Poor guy.

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Alli said...

You are exactly right! Pregnancy fatigue can only be adequately described by one word...OVERWHELMING!! Happy napping!!