For The Birds

Hey...remember that time I said "I am not one for themes"? Well, I am a dirty, dirty theme-lover now. Seriously. I have gone bird crazy over this little girl. Her bedding has birds on it, the finials on her curtain rod are birds, we have bird houses galore in our house...I can't get enough. I may just come home with a cockatoo one of these days (I actually do linger dangerously long at the lovebird cages at PetsMart when I go to get Bear's food).

And then, as though the Universe knew just how much my head had gone...well...to the birds...it sent me these Pajamas for Easter. I am going to blend right in with Evie's room. Graham may not even be able to see me...these PJ's are like awesome, fashion-friendly camouflage. And one day I may even be able to button all of the buttons on the cute top...oh joy!! It's the little things in life. Really it is.


Sara Strenglis said...

Hey Ashley! I had a dream about you last night! Except I was pregnant and you were my coach.. haha... how weird. Anyway... i just wanted to let you know i think about you ALWAYS, i am praying for you and graham and the LITTLE ONE! I hope everything is going well! And you must be getting excited or impatient.. i know you have never had a lot of patience! haha! love you!

Graham said...
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carla ten eyck said...

oh my GOD do those bad boys come in plus size? Seriously.

I need them!!

Josie said...

It's spreading to me, too. I was on etsy last night looking up all kinds of birdy things. Sad, but true. You look adorable with your baby belly! Can't wait to see pictures of the baby room! (hint hint)

ching said...

Oh ashley, congratulations on a new family member coming the way :)

your blog is so so so lovely and sweet.

nice knowing you :)