I wanna be a part of it...

Last weekend we took the train into Manhattan to see my Mom and Papa, who were in town because my little brother was singing at Carnegie Hall. Yeah...that Carnegie Hall. It was a pretty amazing opportunity that he got through his school's honor choir. If I were him I would start every anecdote from this point forward with "that reminds me of the time I sang at Carnegie Hall".

The trip was a whirlwind...but so much fun. It was like an extreme, two-day-long double date complete with a lot of amazing food. Seriously. Amazing. Food.

Here I am with Mom and Papa at Anthropologie...where I will one day soon be able to shop again. Yay!!

The view from our hotel room (Central Park is back there somewhere...look closely)

Some crazy people outside of Radio City Music Hall

Two thumbs up for weekend excursions!! This week has been really busy, too. Graham's parents are in town helping us finish the basement and get Evie's nursery painted. Our house is such a wreck that our dog is convinced that we are moving again. A ginormous "extreme home makeover" post is on it's way in a short while.

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Graham said...

Let me reiterate:
seriously. good. food.