Today a Jumanji-style monsoon came to Coventry. I seriously do not know that I have ever seen it rain so hard in my entire life...it was ridiculous. It also made the long walk from the Communication building back to my car utterly treacherous.

The good part? I find it bizarrely comforting when the weather matches my mood...it is as if someone up there is saying "yeah, that really does suck" or "here, have some sunshine to go with that pep in your step". That monsoon was a complete mirror of how it feels to be inside my head right now: totally overwhelmed and not quite knowing which was is up.

The bad part? The walk back to my car today consisted of my brain telling my swollen-sausage-feet "one in front of the other fellas, one in front of the other" while my uterus screamed at my brain to "PLEASE DEAR GOD STOP!"

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Courtney said...

You are too funny talking about your sausage feet and uterus. Hope you're feeling well! You're almost there!