Hippity Hoppity...

Evie's first Easter has been quite eventful. After a day FULL of shopping she now has curtains, a diaper pail, and about 17 different types of pacifiers to choose from (I did not even know that many kinds even existed...but they do. I also did not know that babies were picky about which ones they would suck...but they are).

Her Lolly and Pop-pop left this morning bright and early after two solid weeks of work. The basement is so close to being done and we are extremely thankful for all of the hours that David and Debbie spent down there sheet-rocking, mudding, painting, trimming, and ceiling...ing.

And, to top it all off...she is 33 weeks old now!!
Here is what little Evelyn Grey looks like now-a-days:Bear looks at me, increasingly more often, with his big brown eyes and I swear that I can almost hear him say "My life is about to be verrrrrry different...and I am noooooot pleased."

I hope that everyone has a blessed Sunday and that Mr. Bunny is very good to you all!! Happy Easter. It is so amazing to celebrate the day that death was overcome.
The bunny cake pictured above was made by Debbie Scobey. She takes orders. Not really.
We ate the bow-tie for breakfast this morning and are going to share the rest of it with our friends Carl and Brittney after an Easter dinner tonight.


Nadine Johnson said...

Send pictures of Evie's nursery!!!! You look amazingly like a basketball carrier ... under your shirt, maybe??? There could be a position for you on a super star team ... oh, yeah, but you're already on MY team, right?!?!??!!!

Much love to you all ...

hebert said...

aww that picture really makes me miss the bump. too cute! and that cake is awesome, i love it!