Work In Progress

Here are the pictures of the basement from the beginning to end...and by "end" I mean "with carpet" because we have not gotten all of the furniture set up yet. I will post the actual finished product when it is all cleaned up and organized. This basement has added a TON of space to our house...and we are middle-school-girls-at-a-dance giddy over it. Especially Graham because he now has a "movie room"...we watched our first movie down there today. He kept saying "IT'S JUST LIKE A REAL MOVIE THEATER!!"...and I am all "If you love it so much, why don't you marry it?!". He is, as we speak, planning the ceremony.

Workin' the drill back in February...this was the sheet rocking phase

This is after the mudding and painting had been done...

And then the ceiling tiles went up...as did the frame for the screen

Then the CARPET came!!

This one step took the basement from unfinished to finished...it was amazing

And Bear completely approves...he hates the hardwoods and will probably be spending the majority of his time in the basement.
I am never ever ever moving out of this house. Far too much work has been put into it by way too many people...and I just LOVE the place!!


Tran said...

It looks great! Are you using a projector?

Nadine said...

Oh, JOY!!! You guys have been so very blessed to have had the help of David, Debbie and Wayne... special "KUDOS" to them for all of their hard work, and of course, the Birthday Boy, Graham, too!!!!


Love to you all .... MOM

Stacey Guyse said...

Great basement but I want to see the nursery! Bring on the birds. Tweet. Tweet.

Just the two of us! said...

We recently did the exact same thing to our basement. So I KNOW how much work it really is! Good Job I am impressed with you guys! Hope everything is spectacular!