Mission: Nesting

I have been putting off my urges to work on Evelyn's room with the knowledge that I just had a few weeks left of class and teaching to get through before I could focus completely on getting ready for her. This has resulted in a very, very clean home (whenever I wanted to work on her room I ended up scrubbing floors instead). Well, this weekend the urges got the best of me. Phase one of nesting is complete! Her clothes are washed, her closet is organized, the walls are painted and her rug is down (thank you Lolly!).All of her newborn and 0-3 months outfits are hanging...the rest are organized in bins

I know this shouldn't come as a surprise to me...but this little girls is going to have way too many clothes!

We set up her bouncer and let Bear give it a test-drive...he was not thrilled

Here is her new rug...which will get turned the other direction once her furniture gets here (which should be THURSDAY!)

And a quick shot of her pink walls...we are so happy with how the color came out

It felt so so good to work on her nursery...I was in a wonderful mood all weekend. It probably did not hurt that it has been gorgeous here. Saturday and Sunday saw temperatures in the mid 80's...so we spent a lot of time on the yard. Sunday was my church shower. It was so humbling receiving gifts for our little girl from people whom we had not even met. We have been so so blessed here!

This was the delicious and gorgeous cupcake-cake

And little "E" sugar cookies

I will put more pictures up once we get her furniture set up and in the room...I would be willing to bet that the nursery will be baby-ready by the beginning of next week. Yay!


Lolly said...

The closet looks great and that nursery is coming along! Can't wait to see the crib up! It hard to believe just 35 more days! love you! Lolly

Alli said...

It all looks beautiful! Happy nesting!

Stacey Guyse said...

Thank you for nesting. I love the pictures. You are very organized nester. Good, good, good. Can't wait to see more! Adorable!

Mimi said...

Oh, I am just sooo excited to see the pictures of the nursery! It looks amazing! I just LOVE the rug that Lolly and Pop-Pop gave you and the pink walls are FABULOUS!!! Oh, I wish she would come while I'm there in three weeks!!! Can't wait to see you all in person ...

Love, Mimi

JuliAnna said...

The room is going to be sooo adorable!!! Love the pink walls. Elizabeth says hi and she can't wait to meet baby girl. I can't believe the time is almost here!!! Tell Graham hello and we will be seeing you all soon. Sending big hugs and much love.

hebert said...

so exciting!

Lauren Rae said...

everything looks wonderful, ashley!!! i'm so excited for you.

p.s. - i saw this adorable print on etsy and thought of you & your sweet lil evie http://tinyurl.com/c5wyjm