Prego Pictures

Last Friday Graham and I had the EXTREME honor of doing a maternity shoot with Carla Ten Eyck. It was the most fun day...and I felt like a princess....and now we have all of these amazing pictures to show Evie when she is older.

Check out Carla's blog for some more shots...and while you are there check out Graham's post (he was a guest blogger on her website last weekend). I cannot believe that we are only EIGHT weeks away from having this little girl. Did I mention that her nursery is painted?? Well, HER NURSERY IS PAINTED!!! We are almost ready. I have never been more excited about anything.


Stacey Guyse said...

Ashley, that is the cutest picture. Adorable family!

hebert said...

i love it! great pictures, i love the prego belly! so cute. i'm so excited for you guys, i bet you can't wait!

Feel the Sparks said...

Ashley, I am so excited for you! You look great, I can't wait to see picture of your precious little girl! Good Luck!

Liz T.D. said...

Love them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley- This is Katie Rodgers from high school :P.

I'm obsessed with your blog.. I must say I'm an avid reader. Congrats about the baby :). Good luck with everything!