Bruscetta, Anyone?

I am beginning to have dreams that consist of me, in front of a large classroom of college student, getting laughed at and having tomatoes (of the big, juicy, ripe variety) hurled at me. It is becoming apparent, in my mind, that not only do I not know how to teach, but that I am not the kind of person who commands any type of authority. I am barely a graduate, myself...(see picture). The lady at the grocery store not only cards me every time I buy wine, but she also comments on how I do not even look old enough to drive. I am. I am old enough to drive. My question is, if my pudgy cheeks make me look 14 years old, how will my students ever take me seriously. Maybe a nice pantsuit will do the trick...I guess we will see.


Nadine said...

Let me remind you, my darling and yes, even "commanding" daughter, that in fact you have always been able to make people think what you wanted them to think .... or should I say believe what you wanted them to believe ... remember that upon many, many occassions you've been able to totally convince me that your version of a story was indeed the correct one ... and my response very often was what???? That you would argue with God when he came to claim you!!!! And why, do you suppose that was? Because you are not only convincing, but quite commanding, too. So, the lady at the grocery store is upset that you are young, beautiful and brilliant (and at large while she is captive!!!) and feels her duty is to card you. One day you will thank the person who cards you.

Alli said...

I completely concur with your sweet mother! Your presence alone is captivating! Those students will be yours when you walk into the classroom. I have absolutely no doubt! You exude both a confidence and a grace that they will strive to emulate. You will be personable but deserving of respect. And while your youthful beauty may seem (to you) like a hinderence, it is a quality that will "bode" well with your students. Believe me...I know. If I fail to wear my faculty name badge, I get, "Excuse me - are you a student?"!! But my students love AND respect me. And as for the lady who cards you....like your mom said - one day you will thank her!! I love you tons and am so proud of you!!