Utilizing the Weekend

(disclaimer: pictures provided in part by Graham Scobey, any views expressed here within are mine and not his, prolonged exposure to his photography may result in a new-found appreciation for art and life, proceed with caution.)

We have exactly one weekend left in Los Angeles, and we are trying to cram in all of the touristy things that we didn't get around to in the past two years. This past Saturday (after our A.M. fix of World of Warcraft, which we play with our dear friend Ben) we went to The Griffith Observatory.

On the way there we stopped at a Panera in Studio City. I had been craving their "you pick two" combo (with a caesar salad and turkey sandwich) forever. It did not disappoint. Then, after driving circles in the hills of Hollywood (thanks, Tom Tom) we arrived. The observatory was, in short, phenomenal. It is amazing how many aspects of life are effected by astronomy. My favorite part by far was the planetarium...it also had one of the most amazing views of downtown LA that I've seen.

Los Angeles is so big...it is no wonder that it holds all of these jewels, but it makes me wonder how many amazing things that we will not have gotten to see by the time we leave next weekend. Regardless, the greatest jewels that I have found in LA are new friends (of both the furry and hairless persuasion). I am really going to miss this place.
(Please excuse my dog licking Karma's inner-ear...such indecency!)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a great weekend! Love the tourist approach :)