Great Idea

An old high school friend, Amanda, posted this amazingly challenging idea on her blog...but I thought I would give it a try...and maybe learn something about myself in the process. The mission, and I chose to accept it (why can I not resist cheesy references?) is to write my memoir in six words...here goes.

- Ambitious, energetic, book-loving, petulant child

- Indecisive, major-changing, judgmental dog-lover

- Impatient, competitive, clumsy, scheduled, chocolate-addict

- Crowd-following, self-realization,

- Self-reliant, man hating, lucky wife

- Bison, Panther, Wave, Husky, change monger

Those of you who know me...is this pretty accurate?

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Anonymous said...

love it! and i LOVE the pupster. what a cutie!