Let the Summer Begin

Hey everyone in blogger-land! An update on my week: I am leaving on a week-long cruise tomorrow (yay!) and I saw Saturn (and it's moons) last night through a high-powered telescope. Talk about things in life that make you feel insignificant. I wonder if there were little (of course, GREEN) alien people looking at Earth through their own high-powered telescope thinking the exact same thing. I like to think so. If there are aliens out there, I do not think they are Independence Day-esque hostile creatures...I think they might look like this:
Oh I hope so. I really, really hope so. Then I will adopt them in mass quantities, Brangelina style!

Posting is going to be sparse this week. I do PROMISE, however, to post at least twice...so hold me to it...if I don't, I will publicly display my phone number and you all have permission to call ask if my refrigerator is running...which it won't be, as I am in the process of moving...but I digress.

I wanted to be able to pack up my apartment, get ready for the cruise, take finals, have family in town, and write enough posts to keep everyone occupied while I was away but, as it turns out, that might have been a tad over-ambitious.
Just so I say it today, because I believe it can never be said enough, I love all of you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you "cruise-bound" blogger ... just so long as you promise to post a few of Graham's photos of your adventures, then I guess we'll be happy with a couple of posts while your are away! Love the little green guys, too, by the way .... they might be easier than the human species of teenagers ... Love to you and Graham .... thanks for getting us one last post before your trip ... have fun and don't forget your sunscreen and b/c!!!

Mom (Nadine) said...

By the way .... "anonymous" was/is actually your mom.

The Reiboldts said...

I hope you all are having a blast on your cruise. I tagged you on my blog, so check it out.

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