Nike Plus (A+)

Lance Armstrong keeps me going. I live for the moments when he whispers in my ear "Congratulations, you have just recorded a new personal best for the mile." He is in love with me, I can hear it in his voice. Do not tell my husband.

Nike plus gets my vote as the best new invention of the decade. Sure, hybrids are pretty cool...as are YouTube and the birth control patch...but none of these compare, in my heart, to the newfound ability to track your running mileage via a chip in your shoe.

If you're a runner and havent jumped on this bandwagon, you should...and then you should friend me on nikeplus.com and we can challenge each other!! (insert high, squeaky, excited voice here...competition enthuses me)

This weekend I finished my 50th mile and got a tiny, digital trophy. It may as well have been 50 feet tall and made of solid gold...I just love winning. Thank you, Nike Plus, for making each day a victory for the obsessive compulsive, cut-throat person in me.


Allison said...

In my never-ending quest for knowledge, I just HAD to discover what life-altering apparatus you were making reference to. Although I am not a runner (nor, sad to say, am I an exercise-enthusiest either), I never cease to be amazed by the technological advances that are emerging in every area of life. Know that I run vicariously through you!! LIVE STRONG!!


Mom (Nadine) said...

Thank goodness for Lance and his encouraging voice and congratulations on your 50th mile ... wish I could get in to the running thing ... just can't quite imagine it doing it for me ... but I am curious about the chip ... wonder if I could "trick" the little gadget into thinking I was running????

Alli said...

Hey Ash! J is also a Nike plus fan, so you'll have to chat with him about that. Thanks for posting on our blog so I could find you guys. I didn't even know you had one. Love & miss you!

amanda g. said...

Nike+ is one of those things I want to use. But just not bad enough to buy an iPod nano. I already have an iPod and Paul's discarded Nike+ kit, but no nano. :(