Dear Yoga

Dear Yoga -

I know that I have been distant. It's not you, it's me. I was told that you would change me; change the way I looked at the world...and you did...for a while. I have gotten bored. I have been seeing other people (pilates, the gym, running).

Please do not take this the wrong way, but I am breaking up with you. There is someone else. Someone from my past who makes my adrenaline rush, heart race and makes me feel strong. What we have is never stagnant. It is not just 60 predictable minutes - three times a week...but a daily uphill (and sometimes downhill) battle to be better and go longer.

You are not inferior...you just aren't for me. My heart belongs to running.




Graham said...

Way harsh. Poor Yoga...

Anonymous said...

this is great, haha! saw your blog link on facebook a few days ago and thought i'd not be a creep and leave some comment love. it's always good to know where the hits are coming from :) hope you guys are still doing great and loving on that cute fluff ball of yours!

--amanda gauntt