So Long, So Long and Thanks for All the Sashimi

The past two years of my life have been spent in Los Angeles, California. Now, in keeping with my general restless nature, we are moving. This post is an acknowledgment of the things that I will miss most about Southern California.

1. Pepperdine University: The most beautiful campus in America (seriously, ask US World News)
Graduation 2008 - Alumni Field

2. The Gumbo Pot: Located at the Grove, this place has killer gumbo yaya...and sweet potato chips that will make you swoon. The closest to good ole' southern food that we have found here.

3. Sushi: Sushi bars are as commonplace as McDonalds here...and so far I have found one, count it, one in Connecticut...this will be a major adjustment. Graham is evil (and doesn't care much for sushi) so I am sure that he will delight in my sorrow.

4. University Church of Christ: I count this place as one of the few churches still able to challenge the intellect of its members. It has become our "home away from home" in a city that would have otherwise been a great deal more lonely.

5. Taco Tuesdays: You know you have good friends when dinner starts at 6:00pm and ends at 9. I am going to miss Taco Tuesdays at Dukes with my dear friends.
I am sure that there are more...but 5 seems like a very good, round number. So long, California, and thanks for everything.


MOM said...

I'm so thrilled that it's time for you to come HOME! For the next eight weeks or so, we will find a great sushi spot, pin up a postcard of Pepperdine (for the view & the memories!), Debbie Scobey will provide many southern meals, and we will enjoy each others company beyond measure. However, I will say that no Mom could be more pleased that you had such WONDERFUL friends while in LA. I'm happy to have met some of them on one of my visits with you. Thanks to technology and the connectivity it affords us, they will remain your friends throughout the years to come. I'm equally grateful that you had a great Church home/family who provided encouragement, support and food for your soul. As for your next big advednture in Connecticut, just remember ... Sushi is sometimes over-rated!

Graham said...

Can you believe it has been 2 years? We have built so many memories in this place. I will miss it.