Life in the Woods

It is really wonderful that Henry David Thoreau was able to take time off from living in the city and escape to Concord, Massachusetts. Had he not, the world would be less over twenty volumes of literary work. Unfortunately for most of us, however, we live in the real world. In a place where, though we may try our best to live deliberately everyday, the hustle can take hold of us. We live in a place where some issues are more pressing than "simplicity, simplicity, simplicity". Things like rent, deadlines, and to-do lists. Though we may not all be so fortunate as Thoreau, I do believe he was onto something. We all need a place to go; a sacred place where we are able to breath.

My Walden Pond is my family. They are where I find my peace, where I am able to escape the insanity of everyday life and simply rest. I am sorry to disappoint, my dearest Henry, but I would take my one-bedroom apartment over your pond any day.

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Nadine said...

Just today I was reminded of simplicity and simple acts of kindness. I had reached out to some women in my life who I have leaned on, admired and loved. I also had failed recently to reach out to them. What I found was that in reaching out and thanking them for all they had done for me in my life, they in turn blessed me with their gratitude and love for being remembered. Even though life is way, way too busy we just need to stay connected. It doesn't have to be daily or even weekly. But at least during special times. As for these women, it was Mother's Day that triggered my fond rememberances and thankfulness. That's not to say that they have not been on my mind and in my heart on other days. But it was important to let them know that what they had shown to me was still remembered and I love them for the way they loved me. So, today, fond rememberances of loved ones near and far is my special place of solace. I love you, Ashley .... MOM