This Book Club is Better than Oprah's

Graham and I have started a book club (it currently has, and probably henceforth will have, only two members). Side-note: we are huge geeks....well, technically I am a nerd and he is a geek, but whatever.

This month we have been reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It is about the resistance that each person faces in life. Every time we hear a little voice (which is usually more clear in childhood than at any other point in life) that says "I want to do this" or "I want to be this" another voice kicks in and says "You can't."
You cannot be a writer, no one would want to read what you have to say. You cannot get your PhD, you didn't even get good grades in highschool. You cannot be an artist, get your head out of the clouds and be responsible. The trouble is...you can. Thinking that you can't is just resistance. So go out and do something today that scares you, the amount of fear you feel about doing something is a good indicator of how important it is to you.

For next month we are thinking A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Any other suggestions? The only requirement is that it is a piece of fiction, as this book club of ours alternates fiction and non-fiction...how impartial of us.


Graham said...

I agree... much MUCH better than Oprah's.

amanda g. said...

sounds like a great read! i've been looking for some new reading material, i'll have to keep it in mind! as for fiction... it's a trilogy so it's really long, but the His Dark Materials trilogy is actually REALLY interesting (if you can get past all of the hype about pullman's atheist agenda). the second is my favorite. the concept is just really interesting and totally satisfies my inner fantasy/sci-fi nerd.

Mom (Nadine) said...

Sounds like a great book ... bring it home with you, please, and I'll read it "pool side" ... because I CAN!



The Chamblees said...

For a get you thinking about being a Christian book check out UnChristian. It's really eye-opening to how "outsiders" view those who claim to be Christians.